Food is my passion. I love eating and I love cooking. I'm not gonna lie - I'm most content when I'm vegging out in front of the TV, whether it be snacks or a nice home cooked meal. :|

This is basically a compilation of some of the foods that I've cooked with a "recipe" attached to the pictures. I like to believe that this blog's main purpose is for me to have an idea of what I actually did when I cooked some of these foods and reference for those who ask me about how I make certain foods. I gotta say: it really sucked when I looked back at some of my older pictures and couldn't remember for the life of me what I did to create it. But I certainly remembered how yummy some of the foods were.

If you choose to use my "recipes", please taste as you go. I cook the way my mom does; we don't tend to measure anything. Also, please give me credit and link to my page/picture if you're going to post it online. I like knowing when people use my ideas. It's an awesome ego boost. Thanks! :)

P.S. I cook something almost every day but not everything makes it to the blog. Because seriously, who wants to remember that horrible experiment in the kitchen that Wednesday afternoon when the dog was going nuts, baby was just learning to dig soil out of our potted plants and Hubby is busy at work? Although I probably would order out or have rice with some canned fish if that situation arises. Lol. That being said, to keep my life easier, I used to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (unless I'm on vacation or just don't feel like cooking enough to actually cook; therefore I'd have nothing to post. But I guess some really horrible dishes will make it to the blog too just so that I can remember not to ever make those again or at least in that way).

Now that I have two little runts running about (not counting the pets and Hubby), I'm probably going to slow down and only really post when I feel the urge to. We'll see...after all, this is just a diary of my cooking with crappy pictures. :)

Dianna Voo

**Disclaimer: Typically, I'll look up several recipes of something I want to cook, so most of my "recipes" are adaptations or combinations of many recipes. I learned to cook mainly from my mom (who never measures anything). That being said, measuring is not my forte; almost all measurements on my recipes are approximate. Rarely do I grab the measuring spoons and cups. Taste as you go! Cooking is fun and everyone's palate is different, so add a little more salt or spice if it floats your boat. :)